Important Information

Biometric Procedure

Effective 10th December 2014, the Embassy of Russia requires that all individuals applying for a Russia visa in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland provide biometric data, specifically fingerprints, as part of the visa application process. To facilitate this, applicants will be required to appear in person at the Russia Visa Application Centre in London or Edinburgh. The only exceptions to this new rule are applicants under the age of 12 years.


On-line visa application form:

Documents Requirement: As attached

Processing Time:

6 working days (Normal service)

2 Working days (Express service & subject to the Russian embasy)

Cultural Tours Russian visa service:

  • Provision of application forms, requirements and instructions on how to obtain your necessary visa
  • Assistance in completing the Russia Embassy’s visa form in order to avoid unnecessary delays to the submission of the application
  • Provision of the necessary Tourist Voucher & Confirmation required for tourism visa
  • Quality checking of your application and supporting materials to ensure it is complete, and minimising the risk of refusal at the Embassy
  • Collection of the completed passport and visa and secure delivery back to the applicant

Service Fees:

GBP 100.00

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